Monday, July 30, 2007

Market-Ready Mobile WiMAX To Deliver UK Wireless Broadband

Nortel and Urban Wimax today launched a 'cross-market collaboration' to prove the technical deliverability of 4G mobile WiMAX in mature 3G markets such as Western Europe, ahead of the UK's spectrum auction in early 2008.

The collaboration, through which companies will be brought together to construct and trial a user-ready WiMAX service, will demonstrate that the technology and a proven delivery chain are in place to provide the UK with a robust '4G' service using WiMAX connectivity.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

EU seeks more radio frequencies for wireless services — EUbusiness - EU business, legal and financial news and information -

The Commission wants EU radio spectrum rules to be changed so that operators could offer such services at the 900 and 1800 megahertz frequencies currently reserved for voice calls under the 1987 GSM law.

By bringing down the cost of offering third-generation mobile services, the Commission hopes that companies would be encouraged to develop such technologies, which have found little popularity so far.

The use of lower frequencies would also give third-generation services broader geographical coverage, which would likely boost their popularity as well.

"Radio spectrum is a crucial economic resource which must be properly managed across Europe to unlock the potential of our telecoms sector," said EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Frontline Wireless

Frontline Wireless || Vision

Clearwire, Sprint Nextel In Pact To Team Up On WiMax Network

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire will market mobile WiMax service under a common brand.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The Femto Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation founded in 2007 to promote femtocell deployment worldwide. Comprised of mobile operators, telecoms hardware and software vendors and innovative start-ups, its mission is to advance the development and adoption of femtocell products and services as the optimum technology for the provision of high-quality 2G/3G coverage and premium services within the residential market.

Femtocell flurry

Founder members of the Femto Forum are Airvana, ip.access, Netgear, picoChip, RadioFrame, Tatara and Ubiquisys, although Saunders insisted that there are 60-plus organisations interested in membership.

Nokia Siemens Networks: Introduces a 3G Femto Home Access solution

Trials of the 3G Femto Home Access solution will start at the beginning of 2008, and commercial deployments are planned for the third quarter of 2008.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ip.access participates in SoftBank femtocell proof of concept

Operators all over the world have expressed huge interest in femtocells, but the announcement of SoftBank’s proof of concept tests mark the beginning of a new phase in the development of this technology. Japanese operators and mobile customers are renowned for their exacting technical standards. ip.access’ participation in SoftBank’s proof of concept helps to demonstrate the value of femtocells, and the Oyster3G product, to some of the world’s most demanding, and knowledgeable, consumers of mobile services.

Motorola Selected by SOFTBANK to Demonstrate UMTS/HSxPA Femto-cell Based Seamless Mobility

The proof-of-concept demonstration is part of joint developments by Motorola and SOFTBANK to lead the industry trend in the deployment home-based cellular stations. In July last year, Motorola and SOFTBANK partnered to launch a mobile WiMAX (IEEE802.16e-2005) trial network in Tokyo.