Tuesday, August 15, 2006

KT and ArrayComm Collaborate on MAS-enhanced WiBro Services

oint effort to apply multi-antenna signal processing (MAS) to KT’s
new mobile broadband network

SEONGNAM CITY, SOUTH KOREA and SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- KT Corporation and ArrayComm LLC announced today their agreement to collaborate on improving KT’s new mobile broadband WiBro network by integrating multi-antenna signal processing technologies.

KT, South Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider, is building an advanced mobile broadband service in the 2.3 GHz band. Using this license, KT is leading in the effort to deploy WiBro to meet the consumer and business demand for mobile broadband in South Korea. ArrayComm multi-antenna signal processing software (A-MAS™) is being incorporated in WiBro and WiMAX client devices and base stations by multiple manufacturers to reduce costs and improve performance.

KT recognizes that attractive system economics, driven by good coverage, client data rates, and capacity, will be vital to the success of WiBro services. ArrayComm and KT teams will conduct joint efforts to demonstrate how ArrayComm software can provide benefits for KT’s WiBro initiative. These joint efforts include:
>> Modeling the capital and operating financial benefits from application of MAS in WiBro;
>> Incorporating MAS algorithms into KT’s network planning in order to understand the coverage, client data rate, and capacity benefits that MAS can bring to WiBro services;
>> Conducting field trials in Q4 2006 of MAS-enabled products to validate performance characterization and refine product requirements; and
>> Making continuing contributions to the industry’s standards bodies to further enhance WiBro’s leverage of MAS technology.

“We expect that ArrayComm’s A-MAS software will give a significant performance improvement in the WiBro system” noted JongLok Yoon, Senior Executive Vice President at KT. “We are interested in knowing more about the benefits for our WiBro service.”

“KT’s bold strategy for mobile broadband is charting a new course for service innovation and applications that will delight their customers,” observed Martin Cooper, ArrayComm’s Executive Chair. “We are honored to work with the KT team toward making the next phase of wireless successful.”

KT and ArrayComm have agreed to make reports on the results of their collaboration available to others in the industry over the coming year.