Thursday, January 18, 2007

Navini demonstrates Smart Beamforming on mobile WiMAX

In a global first, Navini Networks, the leader in commercially deployed personal broadband wireless networks, is today demonstrating Smart beamforming on the Ripwave(R) MX mobile WiMAX platform live at the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) exhibition and conference at the Fairmont hotel in San Jose.

While most vendors are working towards delivering their first mobile WiMAX products based on what is known as "Wave 1" mobile WiMAX technology, Navini Networks is already showing the critical "Wave 2" functionality of beamforming on its Ripwave(R) MX platform.

"Smart beamforming is the key technology in the WiMAX standard that changes the RF game, enabling performance superior to other wireless technologies (3G et al) and Navini has been a leader in beamforming for several years," explains Sai Subramanian, VP, Strategic Marketing and Product Management for Navini Networks. "Many of the largest 'personal broadband' networks in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas already use Navini's beamforming, which is enhancing commercial service delivery inside homes and offices."