Monday, March 12, 2007

World's First WiMAX Roaming Agreement Established - Mar 09, 2007 - Digital Communities

Members of the WiMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance (WiSOA) have signed the world's first WiMAX roaming agreement, and formed a partnership with MACH Sarl and Trustive BV, the world's leading providers of roaming services.

The agreement and partnership is the crucial first step in what will provide for seamless "GSM-like" roaming amongst WiMAX networks, and roaming partnerships with global WiFi and 3G networks -- expediting the rollout of interoperable WiMAX services worldwide.

The key objective of WiSOA, a global organisation composed exclusively of owners of WiMAX spectrum, is to accelerate the acceptance and deployment of interoperable WiMAX networks through a coordinated global effort.