Thursday, June 07, 2007

WRC-07 agenda item 1.4 | Ofcom

Summary of conclusions

1.1 The following points highlight Ofcom's main conclusions on candidate bands following a review of the responses to the consultation it published on WRC 07 agenda item 1.4 on 27 February 2007:

* Ofcom’s preference for the band 470 to 862 MHz is a co-primary mobile allocation in Region 1 in the table of allocations in Article 5 of the Radio Regulations;
* Ofcom supports a co-primary mobile allocation for the sub-band 3400 to 3800 MHz and an identification for IMT coupled with a requirement for an associated Resolution to reflect the need to provide appropriate protection for existing satellite use whilst facilitating access to the band for new use;
* In view of the emerging opposition from various European administrations to the sub-band 3800 to 4200 MHz Ofcom supports a position of no change to the table of allocations;
* For the other candidate bands, we have concluded that there is no need to change the position proposed in the consultation however the UK may wish to consider the merit in signing up to any "no change" proposals developed within Europe.