Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IMT Advanced

Recent research :

* Two widely expected requirements for beyond 3G technologies are that they be OFDMA-based, and that they support 100 Mbps for wide area mobile applications.
* With the dominant worldwide technology currently being GSM/EDGE, and HSPA and EV-DO handsets not expected to be important until 2012, beyond 3G technology roll-outs will most likely start in the 2010-2012 timeframe.
* It is widely believed that mobile operators will initially deploy beyond 3G cautiously, relying on their EV-DO or HSPA networks to provide ubiquitous coverage.
* Drivers of LTE, UMB and 802.16m WiMAX adoption will include the following: the re-allocation of older spectrum for IMT Advanced technologies; the resolution of any WiMAX IPR issues; the creation of FDD profiles for 802.16e WiMAX; the uptake rate of 802.16e in Mobile PCs; the uptake rate of 3G cellular in Mobile PCs; the continued evolution of the mobile handset; and an increase in the uptake rate of wireless broadband technologies into portable CE devices.