Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ericsson modules challenge Qualcomm, WiMax

Ericsson AB has developed its first module to bring high-speed cellular data to notebooks and other client devices, challenging a market where Qualcomm reigns and crossing swords at the Intel Developer Forum with Intel which is promoting adoption of WiMax. The Swedish base station giant aims to accelerate adoption of cellular data use, especially in laptops and home routers.

The Ericsson F3507 module delivers High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) at rates of 7.2 Mbits/second for a downlink and 2 Mbits/s for an uplink. The mini PCI device includes a third-party global positioning system chip and consumes a total 2W peak.

Ericsson aims to compete on price with Qualcomm when the modules ship in January. The company would not disclose its target price yet, but said its strong patent position and use of mainly in-house chips would make its costs significantly lower than competitors such as Novatel and Sierra Wireless who buy chips and pay significant royalties to Qualcomm.