Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sprint Looking To Divest WiMax Business

Ever since former CEO Gary Foresee's departure, one of the biggest questions on the minds of Sprint investors and others has been on the future of Sprint's planned WiMax build-out. It has been on shaky ground over the last month, though Saleh has on several occasions said that Sprint remains committed to WiMax. Now it looks as if Sprint might be kicking WiMax to the curb.

Sprint and Clearwire recently put the kibosh on plans the two companies had drawn up to cover more than 100 million people with WiMax. The companies had never signed a definitive agreement, and mounting pressure from Sprint's investors was just one reason that led to the annulment of the agreement.

Saleh reiterated to the investors that Sprint is mulling its options, but has a team studying the idea of a sale. What company or entity Sprint would sell its WiMax network to is unknown. Such a move would have several large consequences.